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Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Frequently asked questions…

How many people should I bring?

Although it is easy to get caught up in being all inclusive, choosing a few trusted people is best. This is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. Bring the people you need to be there when you say “Yes!”. Your personal support system. The people who you go to for advice.

Is tailoring included?

The short answer is no. Typically brides like to have the hem, bustle, and any “fit” issues addressed within the tailoring appointments. The price changes based on what you want to do in tailoring. Tailoring can be ballpark, $500. It's something to consider when planning your budget.

When should I order?

That is up to the bride. Typically dresses take months to arrive. Then you need time to tailor them. Especially during COVID times we suggest choosing a dress 6-8 months in advance to be safe. If you don’t have that kind of time we may have some quick shipping options through our designers depending on the dress. Or you can buy off the rack but keep in mind that if you wait the dress may not be there next time.

What undergarments should I wear?

We always say to the bride that you shouldn’t need a bra. The dresses have support and if you need a little extra then we do sell bra cups that you can have sewn in by the tailor. We do require that all brides wear under wear. Choosing neutral colored seamless underwear is best. We don’t recommend wearing shape wear as underwear in case we take measurements. Wear under wear and just keep the shape wear available in your purse.

Should I bring shoes?

You shouldn’t need your wedding shoes at your bridal appointment. We have platforms that you can stand on to mimic the height. Most brides have to tailor the hem.

Can I return the dress if I don’t like it?

The designers do not offer returns to bridal shops. Therefore, we can not offer refunds or returns regardless of circumstances. Same applies to buying off the rack. All dresses off the rack are replaced with the same style or with styles from the new season.

Tailoring FAQs

When do I book an appointment for tailoring?

We like to have 6 weeks before the wedding. We can do emergency tailoring 4 weeks and sooner but there is a $50 late fee.

What do I bring to the tailoring appointment?

Any undergarments you will be wearing on the day. Also have your shoes that you will be wearing or some similar to the height.

Who do I bring to my tailoring appointment?

Any undergarments you will be wearing on the day. Also have your shoes that you will be wearing or some similar to the height.

When do I pay the tailoring fee?

The day of your tailoring appointment.

What if I just want to talk to the tailor?

We can make an appointment for you to meet with the tailor. There is a $50 consultation fee.


Bring Pictures!

We love to see pictures of what inspires you. Pinterest boards and even dresses you’ve tried on at other places. A Lot of times if we see a picture of what you’ve tried on at another store we can pinpoint how things are wearing on you. This helps us to pick what to pull for you during your appointment.

Be Descriptive:

Each dress you try on, good or bad, gives us information on what we should pull into the dressing room next. It does not hurt our feelings if you don’t like a dress. It actually helps. We might even ask you to describe what you don’t like. We will learn with each dress we try on.

Styles change:

Don’t be alarmed if you come in showing us pictures of long sleeve lace dresses but you like a spaghetti strap satin gown. More than 50% of our brides buy something completely different than what they came in liking. The reason being that sometimes when you see the style on you rather than in photos it tends to be too busy or just not your personal style.

Don’t get stuck on the size:

Bridal sizing is smaller. I always tell brides that you might be up to three different sizes depending on designer, fabric, and the structure of a gown. Focus on the goal. Which is feeling like a beautiful bride.

Buying a dress for the venue:

This may be “Going against the grain but don’t buy a dress based on your venue. You want the dress to reflect who you are as a person. This is your opportunity to shine. With that being said you can consider how comfortable you’ll be at your venue in the dress you choose. For example some brides find it hard to have a long train on the beach, while others love long trains and are excited for the photo opportunity.

Consider the budget:

We always consider two major things when in an appointment with brides. We need to know the budget and date of the wedding. It’s always awkward to talk about money but we can better serve you when we know the parameters to work within. Our bridal shop keeps it real, We don’t put dresses on brides just for fun. We know the dangers of loving something out of budget but not being able to go home with it. It tends to sour the experience and also sour the ones to come at other shops. We are here for the bride and can find what you want while preserving your budget.

Customizing your gown:

Anything is possible in tailoring. Want to add sleeves or close the back of a gown, even open up the back of the gown? It can be done. Designers sell the lace and material to match the dress so the brides can customize. Brides will typically pay for fabric and for the tailor to create the look they are going for.

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